Differences between aftermarket, certified and ...

Differences between aftermarket, certified and genuine parts

My Auto Parts supplies aftermarket, certified and genuine parts. 


Our aim is to give Car, 4WD and Truck owners in Australia options for repairing and maintaining their vehicle. We do this with our huge range of car parts available for the majority of car brands on the road, as well as having different classes of each part where available. These classes are Aftermarket, Certified and Genuine. Below is a summary of what each of these definitions mean.

​Aftermarket Parts

All our Aftermarket are New Parts supplied as an alternative to genuine parts. They are manufactured, branded and sold in competition to the genuine part. My Auto Parts sources products from overseas manufacturers who comply with international quality standards which have relevance in our market. All our major manufacturers for plastics, panels, lamps and cooling products supply parts to a number of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our aftermarket parts are carefully inspected upon arrival and before being made available to the public, are compared to the genuine parts for fit, form and function. All our parts are sold with all Australian Consumer Law guarantees in place, and we are located in Australia to quickly resolve any problems with parts. 


Certified Parts

Certified Parts are aftermarket parts that have been certified by either CAPA, Thatcham TÜVRheinland or NSF or E-marked. An E-mark is evidence of compliance with the Australian Design Rules, where applicable. These international agencies test and certify that the aftermarket part is comparable to the quality of the OEM part. Certified is a higher grade on the already high standards demanded by our company for aftermarket parts.


Genuine Parts

My Auto Parts source genuine parts manufactured or distributed by the Original Equipment manufacturer of the vehicle. These parts are packed as per the OE or genuine part complete with OE part number and manufacturer branded box. They are not so called 'parallel' parts. The manufacturers logo may also be stamped into the part. These genuine parts are sourced competitively and offer savings compared to the local OE dealer network - it's exactly the same part as your dealer is providing. My Auto Parts is not the authorised representative of any genuine parts manufacturer, distributor or dealer, but we maintain the manufacturers’ factory warranty for these parts.