Air Conditioning Accessories

Air Conditioning Accessories

Air Conditioning Accessories

My Auto Parts offers a wide range of quality air conditioning accessories ranging from blower motors through to transmission coolers. We are continually working with the top suppliers to deliver good quality air conditioning accessories to our customers at unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service. Our air conditioning accessories range includes compressors, condensers & fans, receiver driers and more.

Air Conditioning Components

While we all know what an automotive air conditioner does, most of us don’t have any idea as to how it works, or why it works. You may find it interesting to know that there are five main components to an automotive air conditioning system and that each part plays a role in helping to push out that nice cold air on a hot summer day.

My Auto Parts is the best source for all your air conditioning components online. We specialize in good quality air conditioning components.

At My Auto Parts you'll find wide range of air conditioning components, such as compressors, accumulators, condensers, clutches, evaporator cores, expansion valves, orifice tubes, receiver/driers, blower motors, cooling fans and more. We make it easy to find the parts that fit your vehicle and your AC system.

Ballast Resistor

A resistor that has the property of increasing in resistance as current flowing through it increases and decreasing in resistance as current decreases. Ballast resistors can be used to compensate arising from temperature fluctuations, limit the amperage through a certain device, use in series with LEDs to minimise current

Using years of industry experience, outstanding customer service skills and extensive product knowledge, our experts offer the perfect advice every time. Purchase your ballast resistor online and enjoy never having to worry about the performance of your machinery again.When shopping for a ballast resistor or any other components online, enjoy the bonus of free fast delivery nationwide.

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