Car Lighting

Car Lighting

Car Lighting

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Types of Automotive Lighting

A car’s various lights have specific functions and it’s is extremely important to be able to recognize the different lamps and know when to use them. If any of these lights are faulty or not working properly, they could become a serious safety issue for you and other road users.

Car lights include:

  • Headlights. There are two types of headlights—low beam and high beam.
  • Tail lights. Tail lights are required to produce only red light at the rear of the vehicle and are wired such that they are lit whenever the headlights are on.
  • Fog lights. Located near the headlights, these lights are generally mounted low to prevent the light from refracting on the fog and glaring back toward you (the driver). These should only be used during fog when normal headlights are not effective.
  • Signal lights. Also known as turn signals or “blinkers” these are in the front and back of the car, beside the head and tail lights. When activated, they indicate to other drivers that you’ll soon be turning (in the indicated direction of the signal)
  • Brake lights. Located to the side of your rear lights, they signal drivers that you’re slowing down or stopping. Since they’re only activated when you apply the brakes you don’t need to worry about misusing them.
  • Hazard lights. Also known as flashers, they are in the front and back of the vehicle. When turned on they admit a flashing signal to warn other drivers that you’re experiencing a problem,
  • Driving lamps. These are located inside the cab of your vehicle and are used to brighten the cab for the passenger or driver to safely check maps or directions or locate items in the dark. They should never be used for long periods.

Car Lighting Parts

There are a lot of parts that make up the actual light. There is the light bulb, light case or assembly, lens cover, light covers, light bracket, the light seal, to prevent water getting in.

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