Sprays & Lubricants

Sprays & Lubricants

Automotive Lubricants

Automotive lubricants are liquids, greases ancillaries used for automotive uses. Here is a basic list of the common automotive lubricants: engine oils, transmission fluids differentials, greases, ancillaries e.g. Brake fluids, coolants, speciality fluids, hydraulic fluids.

Automotive Sprays

Automotive sprays or lubricants as they are also known, are oils, fluids, greases that are used in automotive uses to keep the automotive parts working smoothly and to prevent friction.

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Carby Cleaners

Carby or carburettor cleaner is a powerful solvent which enables you to clean the carburettors without dismantling. Simply spray it into the float chamber vent to clean the inside and down the throat for rapid results. Spray onto the outside to clean the exterior.

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