Starter Parts

Starter Parts

Starter Parts

When starting a car, there are dozens of components and parts that all work together to get you moving.

The parts of a starter motor are: solenoid starter, solenoid plunger, solenoid cap, field coil, armature coil, commutators, drive lever / actuator shaft, brushes, drive pinion clutch, drive pinion gear, motor housing.

When any of these fail, the car will be unable to start or the engine will cease. My Auto Parts carries a wide range of suitable starter parts for your make of vehicle to get you back on the road fast.

Auto Starter Parts

Looking for individual auto starter parts or the whole unit? Then you have come to the right place. My Auto Parts is guaranteed to have the genuine, compatible and certified aftermarket car parts for your vehicle.

Car Starter Parts

At My Auto Parts, we are dedicated to stocking a wide range of car starter parts suitable for an array of car models and makes. With competitive prices and high-quality composition, and hard-wearing durability, our car starter parts are the perfection solution for you.

Finding the right car starter parts suitable for your specific car brand can be a daunting task. At My Auto Parts, we make it easy to browse for the specific car starter parts online. Whether you have a family car or a high-performance show car or 4wd for work purposes, our collection of car starter parts has you covered.

With fully stocked warehouses located in multiple states across Australia and all products listed are available locally.

Find all the starter parts you need right here at My Auto Parts.