Universal Solenoids

Universal Solenoids

Universal Solenoids

Universal (UNI) A solenoid valve is said to be “universal” (abbreviated UNI) when it enables several different functions because of specific orifice connections. Universal solenoid valves are specially dimensioned for giving optimum performance in all configurations

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Solenoid is the generic term for a coil of wire used as an electromagnet. It also refers to any device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy using a solenoid. The device creates a magnetic field from electric current and uses the magnetic field to create linear motion. Common applications of solenoids are to power a switch, like the starter in an automobile, or a valve, such as in a sprinkler system.

Continuous Solenoids

A continuous duty solenoid works much like a regular starter solenoid, opening and closing a circuit to turn the power flow off and on. As you might have guessed, however, in the case of a continuous duty solenoid the power flow is more of a constant, whereas a starter solenoid operates intermittently. The power traveling through a continuous duty solenoid is also much lower because it must run for long periods of time. Continuous duty solenoids generally don’t power any system nearly as hot as your vehicle’s starting system, so they also are made to withstand much lower levels than starter solenoids

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